No doubt this is a good place for new learners – particularly the how-to section – but advanced users will find a lot of useful material too.



Udemy offers a choice selection of courses on everything and anything worth learning. There are countless WordPress courses for newbies and advanced users alike.

Paid courses are priced differently; there’s no fixed price but you get lifetime access to any course you purchase.

There are free courses as well but many are not worth your time. Top courses receive rave reviews from previous buyers so be sure to read user reviews for a course before joining. Some are too old to be relevant while others simply lack content depth.

Most importantly, find a course that suits your needs. Each course includes a short description and full curriculum so read through to get an idea of what you’ll learn.

Remember, there are thousands of courses on this website so be specific with your search.

WP101 By Shawn Hesketh


Shawn’s WP101 website offers a video tutorial series that help you get up and going with the basics of WordPress in the shortest time possible. The three intro videos are free and take you through the bare essentials of WordPress such as how to install WordPress, difference between and, and what WordPress really is.

Once you’re done with the intros and sampled the tutorial style, you can then move on to the paid WP101 series. Almost every key aspect of WordPress is taught in these series.

Shawn’s courses are best suited to individuals who have some working knowledge of the platform and want to take their knowledge to the next level.

The paid courses are definitely worth the money. Moreover, there’s the WP101 plugin that makes it easy for those who want to teach WordPress basics to other individuals.

WP Apprentice


WP Apprentice is very similar to WP101 in that it offers a free quick start video series comprising 10 videos, after which you can advance to the paid series – WordPress Essentials and Business Website Blueprint.

The Business Website Blueprint series is what really makes WPApprentice stand out. While most other WordPress tutorials simply teach you the basics of getting started with the system, the Business Website Blueprint series takes things a up a notch and shows you how to apply your new skills to build a real-world professional website for your business. With so many paid courses to choose from, this is what seals the deal for WPApprentice.

The info is pretty organized too. You can read snippets for each module in the series so that you know exactly what you’re going to learn.

And for a one-time payment, WPApprentice gives you lifetime access to all learning material.



 BobWP is another great WordPress learning resource for all skill levels. Run by Bob Dunn, BobWP focuses on business and corporate WordPress training.

Bob employs a DIY approach and takes things at a slow pace. However, the courses are not organized in structured modules that you follow from beginning to end. Rather, there are videos on specific WordPress topics that you can pick and learn as the need arises. For instance, if you want to learn how to setup WooCommerce, you can select that particular course and dive straight in, so obviously this is not a place for absolute beginners.

Besides video courses, BobWP offers training workshops and one-on-one training, both online and in-person for Seattle residents.

lynda is one of the largest and most popular learning websites. Like Udemy, offers a plethora of courses on a wide range of subjects.

Most courses provide a free course snippet so that you get an overview of what the course offers. Full access is by membership only and starts at $25 per month for the basic month-to-month plan whereas the premium month-to-month plan will set you back $37.5.

Of course these memberships are a bit pricey but the quality of the courses is exceptional. Courses are taught by dedicated staff  so you’re sure to get top-notch material.

There’s a wide collection of WordPress courses ranging from the bare essentials to advanced coding for developers. A simple search will bring up a list of options that best match your needs.

WP Beginner


 WP Beginner is one of the largest free online resources for learning WordPress. The site offers article and video tutorials and although there is no modular structure to follow, you can find almost anything about WordPress with a basic search on the site. New tutorials are posted daily along with some promotional material for selected WordPress products. You can subscribe to the site’s newsletter to receive timely updates when new content is posted.

Note that WP Beginner tends to lean toward individuals who want to pursue the developer route. You’ll find lots of hacks and coding tricks to tweak and enhance WordPress websites.

WP Kube

WP Kube

WP Kube combines a steady stream of guides, tutorials, plugin and theme reivews, and the latest news from the World of WordPress to help provide a valuable resources for new and epxerience WordPress users alike.

WP Kube has been running for a few years now and shows no signs of slowing down. The team recently expanded into WordPress theme development and have their first product available for download from ThemeForest.

Team Treehouse


 Team Treehouse is a paid learning website with two simple membership plans: Basic and Pro at $25 and $49 per month respectively. The site focuses on web design and development, which includes WordPress.

There are courses for beginners as well as experts and they’re taught by dedicated staff who are experts in their fields.

Courses are structured in a way that makes it easy to know where to start. For instance, if you choose the guided track route, you follow a structured format that takes you from the beginning through the advanced stuff. At the end of each module, you have to pass a choice-based quiz before progressing to the next module.

If you have some WordPress knowledge and simply need a refresher, you can choose a specific course from the huge catalog in the course library rather than follow a guided track.

Overall, Team Treehouse offers value for money in terms of quality. It is a worthwhile investment if you want to start a career or business in WordPress.

Blog Aid


Blog Aid is a project started by MaAnna Stephenson to teach non-geeks and entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of WordPress to boost their businesses. The site offers tailored classes and DIY video tutorials for all knowledge levels but the focus is on how to exploit the SEO benefits built into WordPress to make your business thrive.

The Starter section comprises a starter guide for those who are new to WordPress. This is where you ought to start if you want to build a brand new WordPress site for business. Most resources in this section are free to use but the video series isn’t.

If you already own a website and want to learn how to make the most of WordPress tools and extensions, the Tailored Classes section was made for you. In addition to WordPress, you also learn the basics of SEO, conversion, content marketing, and website maintenance.

Paid courses at Blog Aid start at a measly $1 for the starter video guide.

WP Mayor


WPMayor is a notable mention on this list mainly for its consistency and quality of articles. It publishes a range of tips, tricks, and hacks on how to make the most out of any WordPress site. The material is mostly in article format but there are plenty of video tutorials too. The site is free to access but you’ll have to contend with a few promotions displayed there.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of ways you can benefit from WordPress but you need to take the first step today and learn how to use it. The resources listed above are a great starting point to explore the possibilities that WordPress avails. And of course, we’ve just scratched the surface here. There are many more great resources if you’re willing to search.

The best part is that there is a lot of free material out there that shows you how to get a WordPress site up and running. From there, you can build on your knowledge progressively using paid courses.

For the paid options, WPApprentice,, and Team Treehouse really standout for their quality. However, find a course that meets your needs and budget.

What resources do you use to augment your WordPress skills?

Be kind enough to share this list with anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

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